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SEOUL-long, so little time (part 2)

- Shopping mayhem at Myeongdong - 

- Who wouldn’t want to try these? :)) seem familiar -

- Nami Island! :) Winter Sonata Tour - 

- hahaha! Dad doing the “walk” -

- at the Dorasan Station, part of the DMZ tour -


SEOUL-long, so little time (part 1)

Ever since I’ve watched koreanovelas, I’ve then always wanted to visit South Korea — Seoul particularly has shared some of the best settings and most memorable ones. But with so little time and a very, very few english speaking Koreans we encountered/met, my family and I had difficulty going around, nonetheless we’ve managed to explore without nearly (?) getting lost. It was overall a new experience and a trip we’d most likely be taking again soon. :)

(My Dad and brother, surprisingly liked it and agreed to a “2nd trip”, next year perhaps?)

Sharing you a few highlights from our trip:

- signs of good weather at Seoul -

- first meal at a local joint near Incheon Airport - 

- First stop, Cheondokgung Palace -

- Daddy posing at the entrance of Heejeongdang -

- cute stone stair sculpture at the palace, wonder what it’s called -

- LOTTE WORLD - indoor amusement park, apparently we are the “first” of its visitors that day… -

- outside the indoor lotte world is a bigger park :) -

- Yup, they sell alot of Pig rabbit items in Korea -

- the famous “love locks” found at Seoul Tower -

- a few of the teddy bears at Teddy Bear Museum, also at Seoul Tower - 

More to come… (sorry for the long post though)



“Real studying is learning how to live the right way”


Quoted from the last episode, Kang Seok Ho remains to be a great motivator to the Special Class students —- Gil Pulip, Na Hyun Jung, Oh Bong Goo, Hwang Baek Hyun and Hong Chan Doo till his last day at school. Surprised and saddened by his decision to leave the program, the students along with the Director and Teacher Soo Jung convinced him to stay, but it was futile; for he knew then on, they could strive on their own and has prepared them for the challenges ahead – so with gratitude the students continue to move forward to the goals they have set, strengthened by the words left to them by their “Teacher”.


Overall the enthusiasm and perseverance portrayed in the drama has given me a lot to think about studying and the things I am eager to learn. The influence of motivation may come short-handed due to the character build up, yet in the long run we see mirrors of reality depicted on each story we can relate to. Though not specifically similar in real life, the mentality and emotional appearance has occurred to us in some way – may it be the loss of hope, willingness to study, bullying and parental issue. Motivated by ambition, dreams and phases of realization, the students learn to overcome these experiences and gain a positive outlook in life, so do we if we remain focus on our goal and put in a lot of hard work. 

*liked this pairing though* haha!


"True Love isn’t easy, but it must be fought for…because once you find it, it can never be replaced."

Prince Charming (Once upon a time)

Listen to Seoul’s airwaves all day long at seoulFM :D 

Listen to Seoul’s airwaves all day long at seoulFM :D 


"Fill your heart with love for someone else, someone who can love you the way I never had…the way I never will."

Snow White (Once upon a time)


Sunny Hill

Sunny Hill, yet again another korean group that keeps impresssing me with their relentless talent and music composition; underated and overshadowed by the young generation of boy/girl groups, Sunny Hill continues to create good music despite that and never bother themselves with the lack of recognition. 

I want to step out to the future
But I’m like a clown tied with a string
I’m locked in here like Dracula
This is a creepy place I want to run away
A dangerous roller coaster

I only hear rough and cruel sighs
But what I don’t hear is a sound of relief
I’m praying, and also calling out for someone to take me out of here.

People go crazy over habitual competition
They are trapped in the same restrictions
They get buried without anyone knowing
Come on and wake up
Put away all the fake theories that are difficultly packaged


SAMURAI X (live action film)


shocked! totally shocked! but sadly, it won’t be released until August of 2012. I have high expectations from this movie, as Samurai X is one of my favorite anime back then. :D

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